Management Team

Management Team

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Sergey Zubekhin

Co-founder, CEO

Over 12 years of management experience in the IT field makes Sergey a strong and seasoned professional with a proven record of developing raw technology start-ups into stable, recognized and profit-making businesses. Building the company from the scratch, he was one of the main contributors to the growth of GP up to 120+ professionals in 2016 with a broad customer base in Europe, USA, and Asia.


Rodion Zhitomirsky

Co-founder, CTO

Under Rodion’s leadership GP has gathered and retained essential experience and expertise in software development, which led to broad recognition of the company as one of the leaders in the information technology business . With over 15 years of experience in active software development, Rodion’s expertise and unique problem-solving skills are indispensable in most of the serious projects managed by the company.


Maria Bondarenko

Product Director, Shareholder

Maria joined GP Group in 2006, and since then she has been playing an important role in the company’s growth due to her unique combination of management, business analysis and entrepreneurship capabilities. Maria is in charge of Product Development Department paying particular attention on organization of marketing&sales, development and support processes, as well as taking care of product road mapping for both enterprise and SaaS development lines.


Katerina Rudko

Executive Director

Katerina joined GP  in 2010 as a legal advisor and today she is Executive Director being in charge of legal and administrative aspects of business. Strong legal background and 7+ years of experience in IT sphere make Katerina a highly-qualified  professional ready to address any legal issue with due level of creativity. Her in-depth knowledge of laws, negotiation skills, flexibility and deep understanding of business needs make great contribution to company’s growth


Eugene Boiko

Chief Project Officer, Shareholder

Eugene joined GP Solutions in 2008 as a software engineer and promptly he was entrusted to lead the team. Having proved to be a strategic thinker with a very good business understanding, Eugene is a CPO and one of the shareholders today. His strong vision of company processes produces great results and makes Eugene a perfect head of all custom development projects and our in-house APIs integration team.


Fred Bean

Advisor, Strategic Partnerships – USA & UK

Fred is a seasoned software development and distribution technology executive with over 20 years of experience. His strategic vision helps companies create and leverage technology to increase innovation and drive revenue growth. Fred joins GP in the role of Strategic Advisor with a focus on the growth of partnerships in the United Kingdom, the USA, and beyond.