Case Study

Case Study

by admin

Custom UI for Core Banking Software Vendor

Technologies transparent
Technologies Used

AngualrJs, HTML, SCSS

Project Duration

14 months

Total Workload

1176 man-days

Project Scope

The customer is a core banking software developer providing a platform, which facilitates convenient replacement of older legacy systems and lets smaller financial institutions evolve and better match their clients’ needs. It transforms the traditional patterns of customer support and interaction used by banks and offers the hardware and network infrastructure for powering this functionality.

GP Solutions was requested by the customer to supply user-friendly banking software UI based on the separately delivered professional banking API.


  • Historically banks rely on several different systems to run their operations, creating a scenario that involves multiple logins and manual processes. The problem to be resolved by GP team rested in combining these workflows and upgrading existing business logic of the system.
  • The customer required a more efficient user interface for customer onboarding with pre-filled fields, ID card data capture, quick verification routines and easy document uploads.
  • Multiple account management functionality was also required in order to provide users with a unified holistic view of all their current account activity.


  • GP specialists developed a concise and user-friendly UI with full support of the banking API provided by the customer.
  • Multiple accounts functionality was developed with the function to view and manage all the data related to credit cards, loans and loyalty programs.
  • A full-scale account for banking specialists was developed and included Single Sign-on feature.
  • GP team provided interactive statements for simplified transaction control with options of adding notes, tag entries and division between corporate and private expenses.
  • Interactive dashboards were added, with drag-and-drop of modules.


  • The custom UI was implemented in full. The highly user-friendly and intuitive options provided by it received much positive feedback from the customer.
  • The core features introduced by GP – multiple account functionality, interactive dashboards, automatic alerts, custom reporting – allowed to significantly optimize daily routines of the customer.
  • The customer was honored to receive “Best-in-class” (DCIG Flash Memory Storage Array Buyer’s Guide 2015) award as a recognition of high productivity and functional capacity of the solutions provided by GP.