Software Development for Media and Entertainment Industry

We provide efficient engineering services that help companies achieve improved audience engagement, high efficiency and explore new revenue generation opportunities.

Maximize Business Performance with Robust Media and Entertainment Solutions

Whether you are looking for media content design, management, distribution or monetization options — our team provides solutions that can power all the key crucial aspects of your business processes.

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High-Performance Software

Our experts utilise top-notch technology to develop software that sustains high loads, is fault-tolerant and delivers maximum productivity. We make sure our solutions can withstand high traffic and database request activity, while working swiftly under various conditions.

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Content Protection and Security

Our solutions protect media content from unauthorized breach and piracy using contemporary access rights management, reliable encryption and other techniques. Moreover, our software is compliant with PCI-DSS, PA-DSS and other relevant security standards helping to enable safe payment processing.

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Multichannel and Omnichannel Distribution

Our technology helps companies to expand their audience via omnichannel and multichannel distribution of diverse dynamic / static content. The media and entertainment industry software that we produce helps to manage content across a variety of channels: media streaming devices, content management platforms, IoT endpoints and more…

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Activity Monitoring and Analytics

Our team has a rich experience designing and building robust analytical and reporting instruments that provide 360-degree overviews of content performance and user activity. This is the key to a more well-informed and data-rich marketing that generates only properly informed and productive business decisions.

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High-End Technical Solutions

Multi-screen and cross-platform apps, interactive online portals, websites and applications, multiple integration opportunities, 3D , XR and many other technical options — we apply only the technology that best suits the given project and business purpose.

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Business Development Expert

Numerous Services for Fully-Featured Media and Entertainment Software

Our service offering for media and entertainment businesses can cover numerous business cases. Depending on the client, we can build a completely new system “from scratch” or finalize / upgrade existing software in line with unique requirements.

Dedicated Developers & Teams

We allocate dedicated developers – either as a complete team or to augment customers’ staff. Our business approach enables us to put together high-performing project teams that fit into planned delivery timeframes and budget expectations.

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Tailor-made Solutions for Diverse Areas

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We can develop software systems for the publishing industry, aiming to make the content creation process smooth and easy by introducing advanced content editing, processing, graphic material management and more.

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Online Gaming

Engage our seasoned engineering professionals and UI / UX specialists to design and develop gaming content that is engaging and meets all of the expectations of your target audience. We can either develop new solutions ourselves or augment existing teams with the right specialists.

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Social Networking

We develop advanced systems and modules that can simplify your experience with the commonly used social networks. Additionally, we have experience implementing completely new social network concepts or introducing social media functions to existing systems.

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Online Media Resources

Our experts have experience providing ongoing development and support services for various kinds of online media systems – video hosting services, online news portals, content distributions systems, etc. Get in touch with us in case your resource needs a new lease of life.

Looking to bring in advanced technology support for your existing media resource? – Consult GP Solutions

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A Rich Technology Stack at Your Service

Your media platform or an online entertainment portal can benefit from the full power of the world’s leading and most productive technologies operated by our engineers.

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Back-end programming

Front-end programming

Functional programming languages

Mobile development

Database management


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Back-end programming

and more (etc.)
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Front-end programming

and more (etc.)
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Functional programming languages

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Mobile development

React Native
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Database management

Oracle SQL
Microsoft SQL
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A One-Stop-Shop for All Your Development Needs

We have enough capacity and expertise to cover the entire process required to deliver high-quality solutions for media & entertainment.

Analysis and Estimation
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Support and Maintenance
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Flexible Engagement Models

We let our clients choose a cooperation option that is most appropriate for the given project and stack of requirements:

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Have a short-term project in mind with a precise work plan and a list of bullet points to be crossed out? Our team of tech engineers guarantees achieving all the specified project goals within the time and pricing limits.

Duration: 1 to 3 months
Project scope: Fixed
Pricing: Fixed
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Time and Material

GP Solutions offers a more agile software development methodology to let you change the priorities if needed. Our team can promptly adjust to your requirements and undertake emerging tasks to achieve outstanding outcomes.

Duration: 3+ months
Project scope: Flexible requirements
Pricing: The number of man-hours multiplied by hourly rates.

Benefits of Media and Entertainment Software Engineering with GP Solutions

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Top experts in each domain area

Secure the best people in each domain area that your project spans and enjoy unparalleled quality of services and the confidence of being guided by solid professionals with an impeccable work ethic.

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Quick ramp-up and expansion

Take advantage of the outstanding speed of finding, securing, and onboarding the right professionals for your media project — all thanks to the unique model that our talent engagement platform is based on.

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Creative and tailor-made solutions

Tap into our immense potential of designing scalable, high-performance digital media products that take full advantage of the latest tech in frontend / backend, UI/UX, back-office and other aspects.

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