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Stats predict that mobile apps will bring over $935 billion in revenue by 2023. A team of professionals from GP Solutions can help you get a piece of this lucrative segment. We deliver a full range of mobile development services, from analysis and consultation, through design and development, to testing and rollout.

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Mobile App Development Expert Services

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Discovery Phase

We can help you check the viability of your mobile app idea, clarify the software requirements, and provide proof of concept. We analyze your requirements, do market research, help you create use cases, prepare dynamic mock-ups, and plan the implementation.

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Mobile application development

Mobile experts at GP Solutions choose the right technology and build powerful mobile apps with well-documented clean code.


Mobile consulting

GP Solutions will advise you on how to optimize your mobile app idea and provide an approximate time and budget estimation.

mobile app improvement

Mobile app improvement

Mobile experts at GP Solutions will improve your app architecture, refactor code and redesign the functions if you need more valuable features or more efficient workflows.

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Mobile UX/UI design

We design your mobile app to be catchy, easy to navigate and engaging for your users. You will get a mobile app that is not only visually nice but also delivers a pleasant user experience across all platforms.

Maintenance and support

Maintenance and support

After the mobile app implementation, you can access our round-the-clock support services. We will check your app for compliance, security, performance and introduce the necessary enhancements if needed.

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Mobile QA and testing

The QA specialists at GP Solutions make functional, performance, security, and accessibility testing of your mobile app to ensure its top quality.

Mobile app integration

Mobile app integration

With a strong understanding of APIs, we can integrate your mobile app with any needed software and enable a seamless data exchange.

Backend Development

Mobile developers at GP Solutions can create a robust backend for your mobile app to maintain the required level of data security and performance.

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Dedicated Mobile Developers

Should you need to scale your team with mobile professionals quickly, we can assemble the team with the needed skills and experience.

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Turn your mobile app idea into profitable software!

Types of Mobile Apps We Are Experienced At

Our mobile development team delivered an abundance of solutions, including

  • mobile banking, billing apps, wallets,
  • mobile booking apps,
  • ticketing apps,
  • mCommerce apps,
  • messaging and VoIP apps,
  • customer support apps,
  • retail, healthcare, social networking apps, and many more.
mobile apps by GP Solutions

To realize your app idea, we offer 4 app types to choose from: native apps for iOS and Android, cross-platform apps, or PWAs.

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The custom mobile application development team at GP Solutions is experienced at Swift and Objective C to build powerful native apps for any Apple device. We will develop an app that will satisfy your requirements and will be compliant with AppStore guidelines.

The UX/UI team follows the ‘Human Interface Guideline’ and makes sure that your native app looks competitive. And the development and QA team will check that the functionality you need works perfectly on iPhones and iPads and can be synchronized with wearables, TVs, and other devices.

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With GP Solutions, you can get a robust native mobile app for Android to cover your business needs. Our team applies the range of Android development and testing technologies and masters the needed languages, Kotlin and Java, to take your app as a business idea and transform it into a powerful and popular app on Google Play.
We bring together Google’s Material Design best practices to our own experience and create apps that can keep your users loyal by providing a great user experience on any device (phones, tablets, wearables, smartTV, connected devices).

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If you doubt whether you want a mobile or a web app, why not benefit from both approaches? You can enjoy lower development costs and time (compared to building two native apps) simultaneously as offline availability and optimal user experience across devices (better than a traditional web app).
Progressive web apps (PWAs) are exactly the apps that combine the benefits of both approaches. Developers at GP Solutions will turn your concept into a PWA with responsive design and robust functionality, including the “native” features like push notifications.

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A cross-platform app is the best choice if you need an app for both Google Play and App Store and want to save budget on development.
Mobile developers at GP Solutions use React Native, Cordova, Xamarin, Ionic, Unity, Flutter, and other reputed and advanced technologies to create apps with native-like experience but working on a range of mobile platforms.

What mobile app do you need? Discuss your idea with experts.


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Technology Stack for Your Mobile App

We are experienced in a range of mobile technologies and can choose an optimal stack for the frontend and backend of your project, whatever type of mobile app you pick.

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Android Studio
IntelliJ IDEA
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React Native
Native Script



Your Go-to Mobile App Developers

Our key advantages distinguish GP Solutions from a range of competitors.

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All mobile app type

We are qualified to build powerful mobile apps, be those native, cross-platform, hybrid, or PWA.


Cost-effective solutions

We have a well-established mobile department with experts around the globe, including professionals who can deliver high quality at reasonable prices.

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Full compatibility

We build mobile apps that provide an optimal experience on different mobile devices and in all browsers. Whatever you choose, native apps or adaptive design, we guarantee a flawless UI and navigation.

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Focus on clients

From day one, we strive to establish transparent and accessible communication with our clients as we know how crucial it is to create a proper environment for cooperation. About 50% of our customers keep choosing us for years.

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Full-cycle mobile development services

We handle your mobile development project from consulting to release. As our team offers a full range of services, we can guarantee that your app is appropriately designed, developed, and completely tested before rollout.

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Agile methodology

GP Solutions follows effective development approaches, such as Agile, Lean, and iterative development. It allows us to consider your feedback and deliver mobile apps that suit your needs even in the dynamic market environment.

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Vast expertise

For over 19 years, our team offers full-scale mobile development. We know how to build a robust architecture and write effective code to avoid bugs and handle a growing user base.


How long does it take to develop a mobile app?

We can give a precise time and budget estimation only after considering all your requirements. As usual, the duration for a simple project starts from 3 months. For a detailed estimation, we recommend a full-scale discovery phase.

We can give a precise time and budget estimation only after considering all your requirements. As usual, the duration for a simple project starts from 3 months. For a detailed estimation, we recommend a full-scale discovery phase.

What pricing options do you offer?

Time and material is the most flexible approach to mobile application development pricing. You can change the scope of requirements on the go because you pay for man-hours according to the hourly rates we agree with you in advance. If you have a fixed project scope and budget, you can opt for a fixed price model, which is convenient for the tight budget.

What is the difference between cross-platform app development and native mobile app development?

Native apps can leverage all the capabilities of one platform, say, iOS or Android. A cross-platform mobile device application is a bit more limited in accessing the platform features but can run on any of them using the same code and design.

What are the benefits of cross-platform mobile software development?

The nature of cross-platform development implies that app code is reusable, so a company can cut costs, decrease the development time, and benefit from easier maintenance in the future.

Who owns the intellectual property?

For custom development projects, you, the Client, are the owner of IP and source code after the project release and settling payment.

What are the benefits of PWA over mobile?

Progressive web applications use web technologies, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to deliver a native-like experience. PWAs are compatible with any device and OS and still can support the features people usually expect from native apps, such as better security, offline support, high performance, push notifications, and more.

How do you ensure that I get the app I want?

With 20 years of mobile development experience, we can consult you on the choice of the proper technology stack to handle your needs. We also assign a qualified project manager to every project. This professional will check that you get exactly the app you want. GP Solutions follows efficient development approaches, such as Agile, which speeds up the development process.

What if I need any changes in the mobile solution?

We suggest you choose a very flexible Time and Material cooperation model that allows you to change the work scope and tasks in the process. In the beginning, we agree on the priorities and hourly rates, and then you can adjust functionality while the project is already in process.

Will you provide any support after the completion of the project successfully?

After finishing the project, we offer ongoing 24/7 support services. According to the SLA signed with you, our team guarantees to fix particular problems within a specified time.