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Deliver a supreme user experience and add maximum value to your business with GP Solutions social media app development services.



Social media apps have long been a loyal companion in the lives of a huge number of people. Serving a plethora of functions, from communication to job search and online business, it has become a paramount part of every sphere of life like never before.

We at GP Solutions understand the potential of social networking and offer purpose-built social media app development services with timely results to power your business.

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How You Benefit From Social Networking Solutions

Discover the immense power of social media and check out the benefits of social network software implementation to see why it’s the best investment for business growth.

Create stronger connections with your customers

Get a detailed picture of your customers’ preferences to provide responsive customer service. A deep understanding of user needs and pain points will help you produce promising products and make the right decisions user-wise.

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Choose from a wide range of social media solutions

Drive success and take your company’s online presence to new heights with robust top-notch software solutions engineered to address your social networking challenges.

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Social Networks

Have a tailor-made social network that will be genuinely yours. From the overall design to the smallest buttons, each part of your social network will be carefully designed and developed in line with your requirements.

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Social Networking Modules

Enhance the existing social networking solution with a unique module serving the functions you need. With GP Solutions, you can create a stunning social networking app able to fulfill your needs and drive great value.

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Messaging Applications

Enable your employees to collaborate efficiently or build a future-proof mass-market messenger. GP Solutions can take care of any challenge and help you build the right messaging app to align with your business goals.

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Promotional Solutions

Incorporate social media into your promotional strategy and reach out to your customers at scale. Take advantage of detailed and granular user information to increase engagement and improve conversions.

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Digital Expos / Marketplaces

Tap into GP Solutions’ social media app development services and boost your online purchasing figures and consumer interest levels. Our team can help you deliver a unique shopping experience and soar above competition.

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Data Scrappers and Aggregators

GP Solutions helps automate the entire social media scraping process and collect data from this source in real-time. What you get is enhanced sentiment analysis, improved audience engagement and business strategy.

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In-Depth Integrations

You can expand the reach of your content and enhance your marketing efforts by integrating a social network into an existing solution. By doing this, you will make your social media website or app more interactive and expand your social following.

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Planning to implement a unique social media app?

Our software development services are set to deliver 100% tailor-made solutions that meet diverse custom requirements.

How We Approach Social Media App Development

From new social networking app development to optimization of existing solutions – our experts assist in building powerful tools that reach out to target audiences. All thanks to our established development process covering every key aspect of software delivery:

Analysis and Estimation
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Support and Maintenance
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Extensive Expertise in Relevant Technologies

Only modern and productive know-how in our stack!

The libraries, frameworks, programming languages and tools we use drive successful implementations regardless of project scale and complexity.

Webpage icon Front-End Development
Html tag with gear icon Back-End Development
Block icon Architecture Development
Search icon BA & Discovery
Puzzle icon Integrations
UX/UI Design icon UI & UX Design Service
Mobile icon Mobile App Development
Headphones icon Support & Maintenance
Front-End Development

Front-End Development

Engage our specialists to create hing-end user experiences, powerful functionality and stunning designs. It’s your way to enhance brand identity, gain a competitive edge and recognition on the market.

Back-End Development

Back-End Development

Our team of expert back-end developers delivers robust solutions helping to achieve the highest business ambitions. Our back-end software is high-performing and well-suited for processing large volumes of data.

Architecture Development

Architecture Development

Design and develop future-ready software architecture with GP Solutions!

Our team will ensure solid foundation for your social media app through optimal software layouts composed of only purpose-built functional elements.

BA & Discovery

BA & Discovery

Make your business more sustainable by identifying any bottlenecks affecting performance. Our business analysis service allows to eliminate functional gaps and meet your expectations and requirements.



Leverage our extensive experience in profound and systematic integrations of 3rd-party solutions. We develop functional middle-ware that efficiently combines scattered individual assets into a unified whole.

UI & UX Design Service

UI & UX Design Service

Remarkable digital experiences require remarkable craftsmanship. Our web-design experts create sleek and stylish UI/UX implementations that are intuitive and highly engaging for the end user.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Let our mobile application developers take your infrastructure a step ahead in quality. We build mobile apps with supreme UI and performance, helping you stay relevant and competitive on the market.

Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

We’ll take care of the uptime and security of your application. Our software maintenance offering covers all custom solutions we build, keeping your infrastructure fully operational and secure.

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We Allocate Tech Experts Matching Your Goals

GP Solutions remotely allocates seasoned professionals experienced in social network software development. They always stand by to bring in tight hands-on skills and vast technical knowledge to elevate your project to new heights.

Just choose the service
format you prefer:

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Team Augmentation

We can provide you with the temporary workers you need to get the job done, without the hassle and expense of hiring them full-time. GP Solutions handpicks the best-suited candidates for your project following the steps below:

  • Requirements analysis;
  • Provision of CVs;
  • Interviews;
  • Candidate approval and confirmation;
  • Agreement and onboarding.
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Dedicated Teams

Take advantage of our huge knowledge pool when you need our team working permanently on your project. Hire a dedicated team that can consist of:

  • Front-end/back-end developers,
  • QA specialists,
  • Project managers (PMs),
  • System architects,
  • System administrators,
  • Business analysts, etc.

Prime Features We Can Embed in Your Social Media Apps

Making a social app successful requires lots of features dependent on customer expectations. The software we build may come in with a varied set of features depending on the given technical and functional requirements:

  • Authorization
  • Privacy and Security
  • Location Based Service
  • Messaging
  • Notifications
  • Influencer marketing
  • User Profiles Creation
  • Online ordering
  • Social media platforms integration
  • Photos and Videos Uploading
  • Social Sharing
  • Mobile payments
  • Search Bar
  • Live Streaming
  • Chatbots
  • Groups
  • News Feed

We Deliver Outstanding Results

Being a reliable and trusted IT partner, we understand the needs and requirements of social media market. Besides that, each of our customers can be sure we can provide:

Sophisticated Technology

We keep up-to-date with cutting-edge tools and technologies to offer highly advanced solutions. Leverage our capabilities to better upgrade and reinforce your business models with leading modern technology offerings

Professional Team

Our developers are well-versed in building clean, high-performance code. Deep technical and industry expertise allow us to create successful software products that prove to stay on-demand in the market.

Future-Proof & Tailor-Made Solutions

Our development team creates digital products and services fit for the future. Whether they’re building engaging web experiences or performant multiplatform apps, our experts will bring your vision to life.

Proven Track Record

GP Solutions focuses on digital solutions that really make a difference there and then. This helped us build trust with our clients and get recognized in the world arena as a reliable software company.

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Scalability and Growth

We completely understand the significance of growth chances and continuous variation in businesses. Hence, we build solutions that accommodate expansion and ensure advanced efficiency.