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Helping innovative startups and big-name corporations bring their marketing ideas to life with tailor-made marketing solutions and the most suitable technologies.


Marketing today has become personalized and dynamic. Its goal is not just to attract customers, but to understand each user, their desires, and consumer behavior. This is where digital marketing comes in to optimize advertising efforts and boost customer engagement.

At GP Solutions, you’ll have every marketing idea realized in one place, from the strategic foundation to the creative execution. And with more than 20 years of experience, there are little surprises along the way.


Achieve your goals across the board

Stay relevant and keep up with the demands of your customers with our custom marketing software. There is a bunch of ways a well-built digital marketing solution can improve your workflow and add value to your business:

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Multiply ROI

Our specialists do personalization-at-scale right to provide an incredible increase in sales revenue, order frequency, and a higher ranking in average order value.

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Drive down costs

Enhance your marketing efforts to achieve significant cost reduction and stay efficient on nearly all interactions in businesses every year.

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Embrace automation

Tapping into our marketing automation software development services, you optimize time spent on mundane tasks and leverage it to generate value for the business.

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Manage ad campaigns

Tech experts at GP Solutions help you build a viable marketing product to improve your advertisement targeting and gain a competitive edge through distinguishing ads.

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Monitor performance across marketing channels

Simultaneously analyze millions of data points to сarefully monitor performance, track your progress, and adjust strategy if needed.

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Turn unprocessed information into valuable insights

No more unprocessed and useless data in your databases – leverage all the incoming information to your benefit and yield greater results.

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Real-time decision making

Tap into our digital marketing services to quickly make crucial decisions based on big data and ride the trends wave in the market.

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Data security and compliance

A deep expertise of our specialists allows us to build secure advertising platforms and let clients be sure of their data safety.

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Actionable business insights

GP Solutions advertising tools enable you to predict consumer behavior and stay relevant in any moment of interaction.

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Marketing software that drives markets

Our marketing software development services deploy next-gen technologies that are focused on building powerful, scalable, and rock-secure marketing platforms for delighting your users and gaining an unbeatable competitive edge.

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Amplify your advertising efforts and finish your IT marketing projects faster and more successfully with our vetted marketers and software engineers.

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Over the years, we’ve worked on many cloud, data management, and cybersecurity projects, building extensive expertise in creating fast and secure web applications.

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Our design teams are ready to jump in at any stage and create a flawless combination of high-quality design and intuitive user experience for your marketing solution.

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Our team is seasoned in creating mobile applications of any complexity and ensuring that the quality of work satisfies the most rigorous standards.

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Having delivered tailored solutions for numerous global companies, we can provide your enterprise with advisory and implementation services to address your most pressing digital advertising challenges.

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Discovery and Analysis

GP Solutions will help your software match your specific business objectives and cover all the gaps. With us, you can rest assured that your idea is future-proofed and pushed in the right direction from the outset.

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Business Development Expert

Learn about how we drive your value

With 20+ years of refinement, our proven approach has enabled us to effectively deliver sustainable software projects. GP Solutions carefully considers each stage of the product development life cycle, and our process usually looks like this:

We Cover All Key Stages of Software Development

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Grow your business with the best marketing solutions

Empowering you to transform, adapt, and build disruptive digital marketing products and solutions.

Marketing data analysis solutions

GP Solutions builds high-quality marketing data analysis solutions to help advertisers track campaign performance and achieve a deeper vision into the impact of every advertising campaign.

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Digital promotion marketing software

GP Solutions creates custom digital promotion marketing software to help clients plan, execute, analyze, and report on promotion campaigns more effectively.

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Customer-facing websites & Landing page

Action-oriented landing pages built at GP Solutions help you boost conversion rates and lower your cost of acquiring a lead or sale.

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Drive more growth with our integrations

Our team has unparalleled system integration experience in the development of tailored marketing solutions that maximize the benefit of a cohesive and well-orchestrated system footprint. GP Solutions can integrate your advertising product with the following platforms:

CRM icon CRM Systems
Web pages icon ERP Platforms
WWW icon Social Networks
Graphs icon SEO Tools
Circle icon Web Analytics Software

Top marketing features for advanced functionality

Digital marketing products built at GP Solutions are equipped with the right set of cutting-edge features in line with your business needs and goals.

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Marketing Analytics

Embed marketing analytics to understand consumer behavior, refine your marketing campaigns and optimize your return on investment.

Email Marketing Campaigns

GP Solutions helps nurture leads and current customers with skillfully-crafted email campaigns. Reach out to your subscribers and provide valuable content and relevant offers at the best time.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

if you’re wondering how to create killer social media campaigns and increase customers’ interest and loyalty, our team of digital advertising specialists has got you covered.

SEO Marketing Tools

Whether you’re a starting or established company, our team knows how to leverage SEO marketing tools you help you win potential customers and keep existing ones.

Customer Acquisition

Our advanced marketing features allow clients to accurately identify opportunities in the sales channel and efficiently acquire new customers. We find the ways – you generate leads.

Brand Builder Tools

Make use of high-end brand establishment tools to refine your company’s reputation, define brand guidelines and create a strong online presence.

Tools for promotion / specials

Embrace digital transformation and remain competitive in the market. GP Solutions team is ready to build a future-proof solution embedded with all the necessary tools to boost your brand’s popularity and increase sales.

Are you ready to discuss your project?

The technology that best fits your goals

We possess a wide arsenal of technologies and skills, allowing us to become your one-stop IT marketing partner. Here is an overview of the top-notch web technologies we deploy for our marketing software development services.

Find the right plan

Explore two cooperation models to go for to overcome your digital advertising challenges.

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Have a short-term project in mind with a precise work plan and a list of bullet points to be crossed out? Our team of tech engineers guarantees achieving all the specified project goals within the time and pricing limits.

Duration: 1 to 3 months
Project scope: Fixed
Pricing: Fixed
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Time and Material

GP Solutions offers a more agile software development methodology to let you change the priorities if needed. Our team can promptly adjust to your requirements and undertake emerging tasks to achieve outstanding outcomes.

Duration: 3+ months
Project scope: Flexible requirements
Pricing: The number of man-hours multiplied by hourly rates.

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