Client Profile

Funnelytics is a software development company based in Toronto, Canada, founded in 2018. The company is developing revolutionary marketing analytics software that allows marketers and business owners to map and track their sales and marketing campaigns visually. The key advantage of this solution is the collaborative canvas allowing marketing teams to aggregate and visualize marketing data from numerous sources, quickly spot bottlenecks and solve them to maximize the value of marketing efforts.

Fynnelytics software has already been recognized and applied by a number of big brands around the world, including Danone, Credit Agricole, and many more.


Project Challenge

When the first contacts were made, the Client required additional engineering resources to accelerate the development and release of new software features. The company was searching across the market to find contractors that would ensure the following:

  • Expert knowledge in building and managing full-stack dedicated development teams;
  • Developers on staff available to join the project and start delivering results asap;
  • Efficient recruitment efforts to adjust development team composition as required

Ultimately, GP Solutions was selected as one of the contractors for the project.


Sub-Project #1. EventProcessor

The original idea for Funnelytics was to aggregate marketing data from the front-end part of target websites. The usual sources of data were JS or Google Tag Manager. However, some of the data could not be collected using these tools.

This is where the need for EventProcessor has emerged. This project aimed to develop a service functioning as the key point of data conversion from the original system format into Funnelytics API format.

Funnelytics Event Processor

The solution was deployed by the engineer allocated from GP Solutions. All the coding was done from scratch. The development involved:

Integration with Zapier

This is a popular service designed for establishing data exchange between various applications. The integration process included the development of an internal application for sending data to the Funnelytics app. Additionally, our team designed and developed a webhook that would process user requests without the limitations set by Zapier.

Stripe integration

Stripe is a payment gateway quite popular in the US and Canada. It was used as the main payment solution for the project. Our team implemented the integration of the full Stripe API service to ensure smooth payment processing workflows. One of the key project elements was data conversion – from the initial data format into the one required by Funnelytics API. Our team developed several scripts that facilitated this process.

“Black Friday” plan conversion

There was a major marketing event arranged by Funnelytics, where the software was offered at a discounted price. Our specialists implemented a flexible pricing plan logic which updated the pricing depending on the chosen plan, including the discount.

Sub-Project #2. Marketing Data Analysis Application

Our developers were actively engaged in the development process for one of the key project elements – the marketing campaign analysis application. The core section of this module is a specialized editor which can be used to build schemes of user interactions involving:

  • Quantity of users;
  • Sources of users – where they came from and for which period.

… and more.

Funnelytics Marketing Campaign Builder


Project Results

As of November 2022, the cooperation is still underway. The Client is delighted with the results of our work.

There is a pending discussion to involve GP Solutions specialists on more sub-projects currently run by Funnelytics.