Key Industries

No matter how advanced the technology, a software system is only worth if it makes the actual users’ lives easier. The key to building systems that are useful, impactful and efficient is knowledge of user’s environment, preferences and priorities. At this age, the best developers understand their client’s business domain.

Our knowledge and expertise in custom software development come from years of active engagement in the Travel Industry. In spite of our profound specialization in travel industry technology we are always willing to expand our business scope and take up non-travel projects if they are interesting to us. For today we can proudly claim having valuable practical experience in many different industries, and rich portfolio that includes projects on e-banking, telecom, e-commerce and so on.

At GP we invest heavily in advanced training programs for engineers to learn our key focus industry verticals. We have built a unique competence center inside the company that allows us to start, scale-up and deliver much faster than competition.

Our client’s experience shows that by utilizing our industry-focused teams both near-shore and off-shore, we deliver up to 25% more productive effort than an alternative in the first 6 months of engagement.