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We develop eLearning software that helps educational teams to deliver training digitally for increased engagement and knowledge retention

Your E-learning Needs, Tailor-Made

Year after year, e-learning is increasing in demand and its importance worldwide, significantly reducing the financial costs of both students and organizations. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, it has become even more relevant for educational institutions that want to reach more students.

GP Solutions is an experienced vendor of education software development. Our team is available to create new digital opportunities that engage learners. We help design, create, and develop ideas both for early-stage e-learning startups and established educational companies.

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Why e-Learning Software Development is Smart?

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Better Knowledge Retention

E-Learning software allows you to offer more interactive content and personalized experiences that keep students’ motivation and knowledge retention at a high level

Cost Savings

E-Learning brings plenty of cost efficiencies saving your expenses on materials, equipment, and dedicated staff by up to 50%

Greater Employee Performance

Organizations can increase employee productivity by up to 60% by allowing staff to resume work faster and apply new skills immediately

Increased ROI

With reduced costs and increased business efficiencies, your upfront investment pays off in a very short term

Сustom Development to Solve Your e-Learning Challenges

Choose one of our development services to create customized learning experiences and build e-Learning software optimized for your needs

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Dedicated Development Service

Extend your development team’s capabilities fast with our experienced employees. At GP Solutions, we carefully pick specialists to meet hard- / soft-skill requirements and boost your educational software development

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Web Application Development

Our development team is experienced in building sustainable web applications using leading-edge technologies. With vetted tech experts, you can kickstart your e-learning project and grow your product efficiently.

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Mobile App Development

Applying the latest tech trends, our experienced developers deliver end-to-end mobile app development services. We help businesses take their idea from concept to reality and foster learning experiences conveniently through mobile devices.

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Ul/UX Design

At GP Solutions, designers offer highly efficient service that anticipates and adapts to change. With a user-focused approach and consideration of the overall user experience, we strive to build an outstanding, tailor-made solution for you and your students.

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Product Development

Our team is capable of providing complete product engineering deliver innovative e-learning platforms and solutions. We help businesses take their idea from concept to reality and further support and maintenance.

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“Looking to implement a custom e-learning project?”


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Go Beyond Traditional Learning with GP Solutions

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Unfold new learning opportunities

With top-notch e-learning software implemented in your processes, you can leverage numerous features that are bound to make learning more effective and manageable

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Engage students in self-paced learning

Let our experts automate your learning processes to let you do more important tasks. While your students enjoy learning at the time and place they want, you enjoy optimized monitoring and performance reporting features

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Promote and design digital educational content

We build and design a product according to your precise requirements and business needs. Every feature is in line with the best learning practices to provide a supreme learning experience for your learners

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Optimize your staff

Let your employees concentrate on more difficult and important tasks by automating mundane routines. Our digital solutions allow you to optimize the process from both sides: that of a learner and a teacher

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Unite learners and researchers globally

Facilitate remote learning needs by linking learners and researchers on a global scale. With digitized learning, you streamline the learning process and get the desired results much sooner

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Make education

Every e-learning solution we develop is compatible with and optimized for a large variety of devices, wherever your users choose to interact with them: at school or university, at home, or outdoors

Choose an E-learning Solution that Fits

We build various educational software systems and do our best to make sure each solution becomes an integral part of the day-to-day educational process for our customers

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E-Learning Applications with 24/7 Access

GP Solutions designs and develops online learning or education apps to digitize learning and make the learning content more accessible for your students

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Online E-Learning Portals with Advanced Functionality

Our e-learning portals offer students customized learning experience and provide professionals with superior flexibility and efficiency

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E-Learning Experience Platforms (LXP)

Get a higher ROI on training your employees or launching new successful products with LXP development services at GP Solutions

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E-Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS)

Meet and go beyond expectations with a custom LCMS covering the entire content lifecycle: from courseware assembly, authoring, and publishing to distribution and in-depth analysis

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Next-Gen Оnline Classroom / Communication Solutions

Harness high-end technologies and the expertise of our development team to drive digital transformation in your education institute. Deliver a seamless learning experience

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Feature-Rich Educational Software

As a company highly experienced in eLearning software development, we praise innovations in the educational process. We can help upgrade your e-learning product with high-end features that stimulate imagination and a genuine will to learn:

  • Lecture scheduling
  • Online forums
  • Assignment and task management
  • Integrated leaderboards
  • Document sharing
  • Audio streaming
  • Video conferencing
  • …and multiple other functional blocks and modules that are user-friendly and efficient
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Our Six Pillars of Effective e-Learning Solutions

We follow a six-step process to deliver high-quality software solutions. This approach ensures that we understand the specific needs of our clients and deliver custom software solutions that meet those needs

Analysis and Estimation
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Support and Maintenance
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Our Cooperation Models

Get better outcomes with less time and money spent. At GP Solutions, you can choose the most beneficial cooperation model for you to meet the specific needs of your e-learning project

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Best suited for

Short- to mid-term projects with a fixed scope of work


  • Fixed and documented requirements;
  • Fixed and transparent budget;
  • Strictly defined cooperation terms;
  • Fixed delivery timeframes.
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Time and Material

Best suited for

Mid- to long-term projects with no strict scope limits


  • Payment according to agreed hourly rates and man-hours;
  • Support of flexible project requirements;
  • Full control over scope and team.

Why Trust GP Solutions with Your E-learning Project?

If you are looking for a competent education software development company for your e-learning project, look no further than GP Solutions. With our team at your side you can count on:

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Expertise in
e-Learning Solutions

Over 20+ years of our existence, we have continued to refine and evolve our execution strategy and delivery processes. This allows us to help our clients leverage the latest technologies, always aiming to create the most fit-for-purpose digital solutions.

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With an individual-designed system, you can accomplish whatever you want with your product. This means that our professionals will take into account each detail to build software that will adapt and grow to meet the needs of your business.

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  • ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management
  • Resident of High Technology Park
  • Listed in the 2014 Global Outsourcing 100
  • Trusted by world-known brands ( Tallink, IQcard, Versonix, Air Canada Vacations and many others)

Need an experienced software development team?

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Extensive Expertise in Relevant Technologies

We use high-end modern toolsets in our work process. Our stack of libraries, frameworks, programming languages, and tools is here to ensure your project’s success, regardless of the scale and complexity

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Back-end programming

Front-end programming

Functional programming languages

Mobile development

Database management


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Back-end programming

and more (etc.)
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Front-end programming

and more (etc.)
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Functional programming languages

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Mobile development

React Native
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Database management

Oracle SQL
Microsoft SQL
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What would it cost to develop an e-learning app?

The issue of the app’s cost is quite similar to the time needed to build an app. It depends on the functionalities you wish your app to comprise, the number of experts involved, the time spent, and the overall complexity of your project. To find out approximate estimates, please, contact us and describe your challenge.

What technologies would you use to create an e-learning solution?

We harness dozens of high-end technologies to ensure that your final product is robust, flexible, and scalable. We develop in Java, Kotlin, Ruby, Python and many other technologies. In addition, GP Solutions also leverages the power of Machine Learning, AI, BigData to build state-of-art solutions.

How do I know GP Solutions is experienced enough to develop my E-learning app?

Technology companies come and go. But GP Solutions backs its service with 20+ years of experience helping businesses achieve their goals with reliable IT solutions and support. Proven over the years, our service quality stays top-notch as we keep up with the latest technological advancements and approach every client individually.

How can we engage an efficient team of developers for e-learning app development?

If you already have a business idea, we are happy to make it a reality. Share your future project with our specialists and have the most cost-effective plan outlined. Once you decide on the tech experts you need, we handpick them in line with your requirements. In the end, you choose the best-fit candidates who’ll help you build robust e-learning software that you require.