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Custom E-learning Messaging Application

Following the custom communication requirements set forth by Intellipaat, GP Solutions modernized Leverice by creating a tailor-made messaging application. It was built using Groovy – a powerful, optionally typed, and dynamic language compatible with the platform core built in Java. The new application deployed a customer-specific messaging structure presented in the screenshot below:

Leverice group interface

As part of this structure…

Each course (e.g. Java or Python) is set up as a separate messaging workspace.

The workspaces are created by the system administrator and contain a set of predefined sub-channels:

  • ‘Memes’ – for informal message exchange;
  • ‘Support’ – for ongoing communication with the course service team;
  • ‘Job notifications’ – contains regular posts advertising available job openings related to the course discipline;
  • ‘Announcements’ – general notifications from Intellipaat staff;
  • ‘Direct’ – for cases of direct communication with Intellipaat employees.

Each workspace contains separate communication channels for classes.

These channels are created by the system administrator, who invites students to participate in course-related communications. Each class channel also contains a pre-defined ‘Announcements’ sub-channel for posting general news and updates. Besides, class channels allow creating of more sub-channels that automatically add all course students in.

The messaging application allows 3 distinct user roles:

WS Administrator – for employees with access to full Leverice functionality allowing to create/delete any user, workspace, channel and manage the communication;

Support Specialist – a limited user role for Intellipaat employees responsible for handling student requests and supervision of ongoing communication;

Student – the role of course learners who can post messages and create sub-channels (the latter only for direct messaging with WS Administrators or Support Specialists).

The messaging app has customized access rights and privacy settings.

The custom messaging app’s access rights work differently than the default Leverice settings.

Course channels are private, with access provided only to designated students. All users added to course channels get automatically added to the four sub-channels available by default: ‘Job Notifications,’ ‘Memes,’ ‘Support,’ and ‘Announcements.’

In ‘Announcements’ channels, students are unable to post messages. This right is allocated only to WS Administrators and Support Specialists.

‘Support’ channels are of split stream type. This means that Support Specialists and Administrators see one of them as many channels with messages from different users, while students – as a single channel with only their correspondence available.

support messaging app screenshot

The custom messaging application was made accessible to all students from the main Intellipaat platform. Any learner can access the app by clicking the ‘Peer Chat’ button available in the appropriate course section of the platform. It instantly redirects students to their course messaging channels to resume conversations.


Project Results

The custom messaging app was officially released for Intellipaat in 2021. As a result the company enhanced their service with a fully-featured communication tool that was fully aligned with their existing course structure and functional requirements. In addition, the new solution proved to be very cost-effective as it was engineered on top of an existing messaging system, with no need to build a communication engine from scratch.

Consequently, Intellipaat improved service quality by making their e-learning platform a lot more interactive. Their students started to actively engage in peer chats and exchange opinions, knowledge and ideas on a regular basis.

As of October 2022 the Leverice-based messaging app is accessible across the entire Intellipaat platform which counts over 1,5 million subscribers.