Case Study

Case Study

by admin

Dedicated Development for E-business Marketing Agency

Technologies transparent
Technologies Used

JavaScript (Native), Angular, Webpack, JQuery, Bootstrap

Project Duration

2 months

Total Workload

480 man-hours

Project Scope

The Customer is a consulting agency with a major focus on e-business marketing and strategic planning. The key point of its business lies in visualization of the internet, evaluation of its structure, analysis of traffic and online visibility, with a strong focus on ROI and KPI figures. The main requirement of the Customer was to engage our highly-qualified specialists in a variety of multi-oriented projects and to introduce innovative developments.


  • The global challenge was to develop a user-friendly translation platform from scratch that would facilitate user engagement and reduce bounced traffic.
  • GP team had to resolve complexities with wrong image sizes and resolutions by improving the image resize plug-in to ensure proper display of graphic content
  • A special module was to be developed for the plug-in designed for comprehensive management of web-page content.


  • The project team introduced a high-tech online platform for translators with enhanced scalability, user accessibility and a set of highly functional moderation features for admins.
  • GP team introduced the appropriate stack of technologies for the project (Angular.js, JavaScript, JQuery) and ensured proper conditions for quick and effective integration of new resources and creative technical concepts.
  • GP team launched full-scale Java-powered development of the image management plug-in with the aim to simplify and accelerate image resize processes.
  • An easy-to-use installation for content moderators was applied backed by a specially developed module for adding flashcards adjusted for users to learn foreign vocabulary


  • Each individual assignment and the project as a whole were completed on time, at low cost and gained complete recognition from the Customer.
  • The plug-ins and modules developed by GP provide seamless support of all major devices and platforms.
  • The Client is now planning to engage into ongoing development of existing projects and to introduce new projects fully relying on GP’s expertise.