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Project Scope

The customer is a supplier of travel and entertainment solutions. Its product range includes turnkey and custom marketing, distribution, technology and consulting products for the travel/hospitality and entertainment industries. The client base of the customer covers hotels, restaurants, startups, technology companies and major brands worldwide.

The role of GP in this project was to unite all of the customer’s offers into a user-friendly and wholesome platform. The final product represents a travel portal that aggregates a variety of travel products, calculates the total trip budget and provides online payments via credit cards and payment gateways, letting people to purchase travel services from any place.

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  • The main challenge of the project was to optimize trip planning and booking procedures for individual travelers.
  • GP team had to accumulate a variety of travel products within a single system and facilitate calculation of the total trip budget.
  • The customer requested to provide Single Click Booking option and mobile/tablet responsive interfaces.
  • An obligatory requirement was to deliver user-friendly means of managing private details and settings.
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  • GP HUB (in-house product by GP) was chosen as the back-end solution. It allows to integrate a number of travel aggregators and supply all the data necessary for a successful travel business.
  • The back-office application for processing of travel service bookings was completely reorganized through collaborative development and full-scale support of the final product.
  • Personal account area was developed with options for managing private details, preferences, convenient booking navigation , analytical tools, etc.
  • Native iOS and Android mobile apps were developed by an assigned dedicated team.
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  • Total number of bookings increased by 68%.
  • The brand-new back-office provided all the necessary options to manage bookings, content, accumulate statistics and generate a set of highly productive reports.
  • All users were given full control over their personal data, contact details, preferences, etc.
  • The primary goal of the project was achieved – the standard trip planning and booking routines were significantly optimized, lots of positive reviews were received and the web-site quickly grew in popularity.
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HTML, CSS, JS, Java 8, XML/XLST, Angular JS

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Project Duration:

20 months

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1470 man-days