Customer Profile (formerly known under the brand name ‘MobileMonkey’) is a popular chatbot marketing platform that lets businesses engage with their customers in real-time using various chatbots solutions: Facebook Messenger bots, native website chatbots, SMS marketing, live chat, etc. The key solution component is its unique multi-platform chatbot builder enabling reuse of chat marketing content across multiple chat platforms. Additionally, ‘Unified Chat Inbox’ lets you manage all the inbound and outbound messaging conversations from a unified location.


Project Challenge

After the foundation of ‘MobileMonkey’ back in 2017, the team decided to create a unified customer engagement solution for marketers who operate via multiple mobile messaging platforms. Setting aside the basic startup need for adequate funding, MobileMonkey team also required an efficient development team. 

The Client considered numerous technology vendors and finally made the decision to move forward with the dedicated development team service offered by GP Solutions.

Provided Solutions

Upon signing the respective service agreement, GP Solutions team proceeded to allocate relevant specialists in accordance with the technology stack requested by the Client. The core technologies used on the project included JavaScript (React framework) for the front-end and Ruby on Rails with Node.js for the back-end.
Below is an outline of key development milestones completed by GP Team:

01. Facebook API

The team at MobileMonkey faced the challenge that is well-known to numerous Facebook advertisers: the rising cost of traffic click campaigns. At some point, they decided to approach it by switching to Facebook ad campaign objective for messages. The essence of this change was to send users over to an interactive Facebook Messenger chatbot and this way offer improved engagement.

Chat app interface

As a result, GP Solutions designed and implemented Facebook API support. In addition, GP Team designed tailor-made Facebook-friendly customer widgets.

02. Contact Lists

The next step for GP Solutions team was to optimize the workflows governing target contact list processing. This objective demanded a set of tailor-made options for building, tagging and segmenting people depending on demographics and interests.

MobileMonkey Contacts interface

After all the required implementations were made, all the people sending messages to a specific MobileMonkey chatbot were getting converted into ‘Lead’ entities and stored in the unified contact database. Then all the newly created leads could be assigned with various marketing action items – the likes of follow-up messaging, ads display or remarketing according to the respective customer lifecycle funnel.
At this stage our team also designed functionality to devise and construct flexible pricing plans. This new module could support various target customer types, including content creators, brands, agencies & small businesses. 

03. Front-end / Back-end Application Development

Furthermore, MobileMonkey decided to enhance its customer engagement platform with mass emailing and drip campaign functionality. These items were supposed to ensure improved experience, helping users engage audiences in a variety of ways. 

Drip Campaign Detail - Customers.AI

While working on on this particular module, our engineers constructed Facebook post autoresponder – an inherent platform element, also known as ‘comment guard’. Among other things, it contained options to:

  • Add engagement to current user activities on Facebook;
  • Automatically convert ‘Commenters’ into ‘Leads’;
  • Run contests, promotions and various blogger quizzes with instant lead capturing.

Autoresponder - Customers.AI

04. Insta-Champ Module

Another module built by GP Team as part of MobileMonkey project was InstaChamp. Its main goal was to drive sales and lead growth via Instagram using direct messaging automation.

Instagram chat interface

InstaChamp was designed to work with Creators, Coaches and B2C Brands. Upon its release a large portion of MobileMonkey clients were able to move lead conversion from post followers to a whole new level.


Project Results

Following its official launch, the platform is still demonstrating excellent performance as of 2023. It offers an efficient toolkit to connect with customers in real-time via WebChats, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

MARTECH Breakthrough Award 2019

In 2019 MobileMonkey received ‘Best Marketing Bot Solution’ award which recognized its breakthrough impact and capabilities in marketing tech.

Substanitial development efforts dedicated by GP Team helped to significantly reduce cost-per-lead. The platform users were subject to improved engagement tactics based on mobile-friendly conversational workflows and experiences.

Ultimately, as another recogntion of success, MobileMonkey got listed on Most Popular Chatbot Platforms maintained by Influencer Marketing Hub.

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Front-end: Node.js, React, XState.
Back-end: Ruby on Rails, Sidekick, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes.

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Custom development

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22 900+ man-hours