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Choose from a pool of experienced Java developers to quickly augment and scale your development team.


With almost two decades of experience behind our back, GP Solutions sources high-quality Java development services – the core of our technical expertise – to companies of various scale and domain expertise across the globe.

Our Java Expertise in Numbers:


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Solutions for Various Industries:

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All-around Java Development Services

Enterprise Solution

Java is a widely practiced technology for large-scale and complex solutions to meet the business needs of established enterprises across various domains. Our well-crafted development approach empowers us to deliver top-notch Java-based systems reflecting and matching specific business workflows and practices of each organization.

We know how to automate the widest range of enterprise activities:

Front-office icon


Front-office automation is a must to make interactions with visitors efficient, deliver seamless customer service across all digital and voice channels, solve customer issues faster, and leverage the information you get from your guests and customers at the front desk for better marketing and targeting.

Back-office icon


Automate repetitive, data-based, and labor-intensive tasks in your back-end teams, such as HR, IT, finance, marketing, etc. We will help you get the max value of analytics, reduce manual errors, and provide faster results by applying machine learning, AI, workload automation, and more.

CRM icon


We can help you get the best of Java to establish efficient processes in customer relationship management and hence increase conversions, improve customer satisfaction, get more leads, and save your team time. With GP Solution, you can automate marketing activities and sales workflows, sync your customer data to avoid communication flaws, speed up customer service delivery and achieve a lot more.

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Accounting and Finance

You can streamline important financial processes with our Java services. Avoid errors, reduce the number of repetitive tasks, including bank reconciliation, credit control, and expense management, and make your employees more productive.

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User management

Java developers at GP Solutions can help you automate user management, onboarding of users, making changes, and managing user access. In addition, we can enable SSO (single sign on)as well as automate person identity management and group hierarchy management.

Security icon

Security and Access Control

Our experience in software security and Java development allows us to create enterprise solutions that let you monitor and control access inside and protect your system from external unwanted visitors.

Personnel Management icon

Personnel Management

Automate routine personnel tasks, such as employee onboarding administration, payroll, timekeeping, and benefits administration. We know how to use Java to free your time and energy for more personal communication with your employees.

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3rd-party Integrations

GP Solutions can help you enable a smooth and error-free data exchange between the systems that you use.


Redesign of Existing

Is your current solution underperforming? We are here to help!.
Our flexibility and deep knowledge of modern Java development make us efficient in redesigning existing projects of any complexity to give them a new lease of life. Choose from a range of services depending on your needs:

refactoring icon


We rewrite legacy Java code to ensure:
  • Improved architecture;
  • Better code readability;
  • Easier code maintenance.
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Extension of Legacy

As the need might be, our experts can develop additional functionality to extend the current capabilities of your Java-based software in different areas.

Migration icon

to Java

Our team can migrate your existing software to Java for improved performance while preserving the complete functionality of your solution.

Dedicated Java development

You can efficiently cover your development needs by allocating experienced Java engineers remotely from GP Solution. With this service, you are getting all the productivity you can expect from in-house developers plus more time to focus on developing your company and business.

Just choose the service
format you prefer:
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Team Augmentation

Running an in-house team but lagging behind your scope of development? You can quickly fill in the gaps within your team and speed up your engineering efforts by staffing open positions with our remote Java engineers.

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Dedicated Teams

This option is ideal for companies that do not have an in-house team yet or the ones willing to outsource entire projects. GP Solutions can staff a complete development team according to your specs, including QA and project management.

5 Steps to get a
Great Dedicated
Java Team

Once the Client decides to onboard a dedicated team developers from GP Solutions, we launch our allocation procedure typically going through the following standardized steps



You tell us about your needs, ideal candidates, tech stack, and price expectations.


Analyzing CVs

We send you the CVs of the most relevant candidates in terms of skills and expertise.



During interviews and text tasks (if required), you can pick the candidates that suit you most.



We agree on the candidates, terms, prices, dates, and other crucial cooperation points. We formalize the agreements and sign a contract.



The chosen experts start working on your project. They study doсumentation and the project details, get acquainted with the project manager and the rest of the team.

Our Process

As we deliver a complete range of Java software development services, we will be glad to help you at any stage of the process. Typically, clients who partner with us for end-to-end custom java development go through the following steps:

Magnifying glass icon

1. Analysis

  1. We analyze your needs and requirements and pay attention to your competition, as well as the risks linked to application development or the introduction of the tool to your environment.
  2. We collect the requirements and expectations of stakeholders.
  3. Recognized among the 2017 Global Outsourcing 100 companies

Prototyping and MVP Development icon

2. Prototyping and MVP Development

  1. We design, build, and test the minimal viable product, this way helping you to check your assumptions before investing too much in the actual product.
  2. We evaluate the feedback and make it easier for you to polish the software concept.

Custom Java Development icon

3. Custom Java Development

  1. Our dedicated Java developers build and implement all the needed features.
  2. We test the ready tool and check that it performs the way it should using both manual and automated testing.

Software Implementation icon

4. Software Implementation

  1. Our Java developers implement the software into your environment and teach users how to leverage their new tool.
  2. We answer your questions if you have any and solve problems if they appear.

Maintenance icon

5. Maintenance

  1. Optionally we can go on our cooperation to help you introduce new features in future and ensure stable performance in the long run.

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Our Java Stack

As a Java development company with a long experience, we have mastered a wide range of tried-and-tested technologies and can choose the optimal tech stack for your particular project. Here are some, but not all of the technologies that we use:

Two people work in an office

Java Frameworks

Application Servers

Cloud Computing Platforms


Integration Frameworks


Java Development Outsourcing

Java Frameworks

Spring Framework (Boot, Data, XD, Integration, Security, Cloud)
JSF (Primefaces, Richfaces)
Mobile Application Development

Application Servers

IBM’s WebSphere
Oracle WebLogic
Jetty (standalone or on top of Spring Boot)
Salesforce development icon

Cloud Computing Platforms

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Microsoft Azure




MongoDB Redis Memcache Apache Cassandra



JSON-based Jackson Gson etc
enterprise software development icon


Intellij IDEA

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing Java Development?

Though Java development is not for everyone, we can spot several benefits of outsourcing that may be relevant to you as well. It makes sense to outsource development work if:

  • You need experienced Java developers fast.
  • You don’t want to waste time recruiting and onboarding Java developers in-house.
  • You need Java development services only for a limited time frame and are not planning to bother with other Java-related projects in the future.
  • You want to save your budget in a smart way, keeping top talents and still paying only for the hours of work.
Two people look at the program code

Why Outsource Your Java Projects to GP Solutions?

Man icon

Java Experts

Java is one of the core technologies we specialize in. With more than 100 Java experts on board, we have been solving business challenges with Java for 19 years. We know how to leverage this technology for you.

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Our development centers provide a rare combination of top engineering talent and reasonable pricing. Remote allocation of Java developers will cut down your costs on recruitment, in-house staff management and team building.

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Quick Delivery

Our development approach built around Agile methodology means faster delivery cycles and feasible deliverables at the end of each development iteration. Our rich pool of talented engineers also allows us to quickly ramp up complete development teams.

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Project redesign, development from scratch, outsourced development resources — we can cover it all as far as Java development is concerned. We focus on tailor-made service adjusted to specific needs and circumstances of each customer.

Distance between geopoints icon


Our offices span across several geographic regions — Eastern and Western Europe, North America, and Middle East. We can efficiently adjust our delivery to different time zones. Serving clients in over 35 countries, we know how to establish productive project management and communication.

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We are always willing to offer continuous support and upgrades for all the solutions we deliver. We ensure that your software is properly maintained by the same team that initially developed it.


Why is Java the right option for software development?

Java is the technology of choice for many projects because it has a bunch of advantages, including but not limited to:

  • Java is suitable for high-load applications as it can be used to perform several tasks at the same time.
  • The well-tested libraries, databases, and frameworks make Java a wonderful tech for fast launches.
  • Hadoop, Spark, Sockets, Kafka, and other Bid Data processing frameworks rely on Java.
  • The flexible and widely supported Java is a good technology to program robust SaaS and Cloud applications.
  • Java is platform-independent, which means that apps written in Java can be migrated to another platform and can be launched on different systems.

What kind of applications can you develop using Java?

Java capabilities make it perfect for a range of systems,including

  • Enterprise applications (ecommerce websites, web portals, ERP, CRM, enterprise content management, POS, online banking),
  • Mobile apps (Android),
  • Banking apps,
  • Healthcare software,
  • SaaS and Cloud apps,
  • Desktop software,
  • Big Data apps,
  • Web apps and more…

Can Java be used for mobile app development?

Of course, Java is often considered to be the best language for web development and mobile development, because it is one of Android’s official development languages.

What is the process of hiring Java developers on a full-time / part-time basis?

You can either opt for outsourcing Java development to us completely or hire a particular developer to scale your team. Here’s how the hiring process goes:

  • After you send us your requirements, we can choose the most suitable experts based on their skills and send you their CVs with rates.
  • You pick candidates and we can schedule interviews with the most suitable candidates.
  • If needed, our Java developers accomplish your test task.
  • After agreeing on SLA and KPIs, we can sign a contract.
  • We negotiate the communication plan and regular performance reports.
  • Our cooperation starts.

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