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With almost two decades of experience behind our back, GP Solutions sources high-quality Java development services – the core of our technical expertise – to companies of various scale and domain expertise across the globe.

Our Java Expertise in Numbers:


Years on the market


Devoted Java Experts


Successfully Completed Projects


Customers in 35 Countries

We Serve Various Industries:

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what do you get

Information Technology

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Banking & Finance

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Travel & Hospitality

All-around Java Development Services:

Enterprise Solution Development

Java is a widely practiced technology for large-scale and complex solutions to meet the business needs of established enterprises across various domains. Our well-crafted development approach empowers us to deliver top-notch Java-based systems reflecting and matching specific business workflows and practices of each organization. We know how to automate the widest range of enterprise activities:

We know how to automate the widest range of enterprise activities:


enterprise solution development


enterprise solution development

CRM Support

enterprise solution development

E-document management

enterprise solution development

Accounting and Finance

enterprise solution development

User management

enterprise solution development

Security and Access Control

enterprise solution development

HR Activities

enterprise solution development

3rd-party Integrations

enterprise solution development

Redesign of Existing Solutions

Is your current solution underperforming? We are here to help!.
Our flexibility and deep knowledge of modern Java development makes us efficient in redesigning existing projects of any complexity to give them a new lease of life.

Choose from a range of services depending on your needs:

redesign existing solutions

Code Refactoring

We rewrite legacy Java code to ensure:

  • Improved architecture;
  • Better code readability;
  • Easier code maintenance.
redesign existing solutions

Extension of Legacy Systems

As the need might be, our experts can develop additional functionality to extend the current capabilities of your Java-based software in different areas.

redesign existing solutions

Migration to Java

Our team can migrate your existing software to Java for improved performance while preserving the complete functionality of your solution.

Dedicated Java Teams

Maintaining an in-house team requires a lot of effort in terms of HR activities, team building, expenses on social benefits, etc. You can put all of this aside by allocating a remote team of experienced Java engineers from GP Solution – a smart choice, especially in times of COVID-19 with the whole world turning to remote operations.

Our Allocation Process

Once the Client decides to onboard a dedicated team developers from GP Solutions, we launch our allocation procedure typically going through the following standardized steps


Requirements Analysis.

Basic expectations are discussed:

  • Required team size
  • Expected technology stack and expertise levels
    of successful candidates
  • Price expectations from both sides.


Provision of CVs.

HR department provides up-to-date candidate CVs for review and analysis with full details on:

  • Technical experience
  • Soft skills
  • Previously completed projects.



The candidates selected by the Customer are interviewed by relevant members of his team (usually online) for proper evaluation of experience and skill level.


Approval and Confirmation.

The Customer approves appropriate candidates. The Parties confirm all relevant arrangements, including engagement format (part-time / fulltime), commercials, termination notice, etc.



All the agreed legal and commercial conditions are formalized in a mutual agreement between the Parties. Starting dates of engagement and its duration are formalized for all selected candidates.



Selected candidates are introduced to the project, meet the team, project management, get aquainted with project status, problems to be solved, set up programming environment, study documentation, etc.

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Our Java Development Stack


Java Frameworks

Application Servers

Cloud Computing Platforms


Integration Frameworks



Java Frameworks

JEE / J2EE Spring Framework (Boot, Data, XD, Integration, Security, Cloud) Swagger JSF (Primefaces, Richfaces) Hibernate Vaadin JasperReports

Application Servers

IBM’s WebSphere Oracle WebLogic GlassFish WildFly Tomcat Jetty (standalone or on top of Spring Boot)

Cloud Computing Platforms

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Microsoft Azure


MySQL PostgreSQL OracleDB


MongoDB Redis Memcache Apache Cassandra



JSON-based Jackson Gson etc


Maven Liquibase Hudson Eclipse Intellij IDEA

Why Outsource Your Java Projects to GP Solutions?


Cost-effective service

Our development centers provide a rare combination of top engineering talent and reasonable pricing. Remote allocation of Java developers will cut down your costs on recruitment, in-house staff management and team building.


Quick delivery

Our development approach built around Agile methodology means faster delivery cycles and feasible deliverables at the end of each development iteration. Our rich pool of talented engineers also allows us to quickly ramp up complete development teams.


Tailor-made Flexibility

Project redesign, development from scratch, outsourced development resources — we can cover it all as far as Java development is concerned. We focus on tailor-made service adjusted to specific needs and circumstances of each customer.



Our offices span across several geographic regions — Eastern and Western Europe, North America and Middle East. We can efficiently adjust our delivery to different time zones. Serving clients in over 35 countries, we know how to establish productive project management and communication.


High-quality support

We are always willing to offer continuous support and upgrades for all the solutions we deliver. We make sure that your software is properly maintained by the very same team that developed it initially.

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