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Project Scope

The customer is the largest governmental labor and employment agency in Germany, with a wide network of agencies and branch offices nationwide. The main scope of activities performed by the Department relates to providing job offers and training, various benefits and career counseling services aimed at increasing employment levels.

GP Solutions was invited to become a part of the team IT architects developing the technical platform designed for maintaining a database of job openings and profiles of unemployed people.

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  • The main challenge of the project was to adapt the basics of the legacy system and develop a new applicable solution.
  • GP Solutions was required to create a fully-featured with a wide range of customization, yet easy for use by all web-site visitors.
  • The Customer demanded full supervision and detailed reporting of all the processes and delivery stages.
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  • GP Solutions experts formed a part of 15-man team of architects supervising the technical platform as a whole and the team of 140 developers engaged in the project.
  • The appropriate technology stack was chosen for the project, which included Java, Oracle, Angular.js and other technologies.
  • A solution was introduced to set up personalized recommendations assisting clients in choosing the best suitable career options for themselves.
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  • Underpinned by cutting-edge Java- and Oracle-based technology stack, the system provides all requested key capabilities.
  • In the future the system will be further enhanced with upgraded user management functionalities.
  • GP Solutions developers have delivered a solution which outperforms the former version of the application keeping its advantages and adds the line-up of new facilities.
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Project Duration:

14 months

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1176 man-days