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Project Scope

The leading company in the global leisure traveling industry decided to build an intelligent end-to-end reservation system. Its main function was to offer flexible ways for tour operators to perform search operations, cost estimation and booking of leisure travel and to facilitate selling travel services via multiple distribution channels.

Decision was made to launch Dedicated Development Team as the business model.The project started with 5 ASP.Net developers matching all customer specs. Ultimately the project team expanded to 30 people in total.

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  • Indefinite project scope. Main focus of the project was to be on travelling business. Also the customer had little previous IT background before project started.
  • Short implementation timeframes. Exponential growth of the customer’s business required complex IT solutions to be delivered within shortest timeframes.
  • Cost transparency. The project required clear and detailed control of all expenses due to its long-term nature.
  • Complete control. The customer demanded full supervision of the development process and complete monitoring all delivery stages.
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  • Comprehensive business analysis was performed with a deep insight into the customer’s specifications. A special BA team provided full support throughout the project.
  • A dedicated development team was arranged by GP Solutions. Our HR department performed careful searching, screening and interviewing routines in order to hire developers with the required skill sets.
  • A fully transparent pricing system of monthly payments (members’ salaries + service provider’s fee) was implemented for proper tracking of all expenses, overheads and other fees.
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  • +64% of new bookings were attracted. As a result the customer received complete back-office functionality allowing to manage bookings, edit web-site’s content, accumulate statistics and generate reports.
  • A 30% increase in traffic conversion was noted, which ensured significant boost to the customer’s business.
  • Fast selection and booking of services was provided for all users of the customer’s business. In addition the new system provided means of saving personal information, contact details, preferences for all users, thus leading to more flexibility and user-friendlies of the system.
  • A major increase in revenues was observed by the customer throughout the project operation in production mode.
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Technology:, MVC, MSSQL 2010, Entity Framework, JavaScript, Agile

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Project Duration:

24 months

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19800 man-days